Pez de Buenos

Ariel Minimal
Gutar & vocals

Pepo Limeres
Electric piano & organ

Franco Salvador
Drums & vocals

Fósforo García
Bass & vocals

Pez presents a new album, called Volviendo a las cavernas. It's the 14th of his discography.

We decide to upload it for free download here and at


You can buy it in this record stores:

Buenos Aires City
Zival's (Callao & Corrientes, Downtown; Serrano 1445 Palermo), Miles (Honduras 4912, Palermo), Tempo (Jorge Luis Borges 1666, Palermo)
La Cueva Musical (Lavalle 744, Downtown), Magimúsica (Av. Corrientes 1644, Downtown)
Brujas (Rodriguez Peña 429, Downtown), Cactus Discos (Corrientes 1246, Local 45, Downtown)
Thor (Av. Santa Fe 1670, Galería Bond Street, Barrio Norte), Anthology (Av. Santa Fe 1670, Galería Bond Street, Barrio Norte)
Frontera (Boedo 755, Boedo), Sammy Records (San Martín 2450, Paternal), RGS Music (Corrientes 5233, Villa Crespo)
and in the Musimundo stores

Gran Buenos Aires
La Fusa (Alsina 86, Ramos Mejia), D'Agostino Musical (25 de Mayo 153, Local 38, Morón), La Catedral del Ritmo (Arieta 3322, San Justo)

Another Argentina's cities
La Disquería (8 e/48 y 49, Galería Williams local 23, La Plata), Wagner Records (Rivadavia 2545, local 54, Mar del Plata),
(Corrientes 826, Rosario), Edén (Obispo Trejo 15, ciudad de Córdoba) y El Duende (San Martín 585, Comodoro Rivadavia)
and, maybe in the Musimundo stores in all the country.

Obviously, this one and all our availables albums in every Pez show


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Franco Salvador
use Pulse (cymbals & gong)
Fósforo García use Ampeg

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